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My name is Salvador Moss. Sorcerer Emeritas of the College of Friends, Sellsword of Melsonia and Befouler of Ponds. 

Sometime this last week whilst sphere-hopping I stumbled upon this artifact, an illustrated pamphlet, or "zyne"-- though I cannot parse the words written within. It appears to be a manual of some kind? It greatly resembles the type of adventure-dice games I've seen played in taverns across Melsonia-- and even appears to have a reference to the gentle "Fortle," a beast about which I am currently writing a travelogue. 

If anyone across the spheres has knowledge of the language here or the game's proper title and has the time and energy to translate the text it would be greatly appreciated. It looks fun and I would love to play it. 

Links to any translations should be submitted in the comment section here.

Physical copies (that also come with a .pdf) available through Exalted Funeral


Buy Now$6.66 USD or more

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I grabbed a physical copy from Exalted Funeral. This book is amazing. PDF-ers, make sure you have two page viewing on—there is quite a different story than one page at a time!


thank you!

Serious question: if I actually want to work on a translation for this game, would it be okay if I did it by "annotating" over the image (i.e. putting text on the images)? I'm not sure how else I'd make it clear which text goes where.

Really cool game!

Thank you! And however you see fit to do it, feel free! 


Gorgeous art, so vivid


As someone who got a copy of the Codex Seriphinianus as a gift a couple months ago, this is straight up the middle of my alley. I may see if I can puzzle out a translation....


Unfortunately there's a dearth of freely available non-Latin OCR AIs. But it would be really interesting to see what hidden "meaning" a machine might pull from your intentionally meaningless script.


This is some next level art I stan

Thank you!


This is an amazing production of a really cool idea. Is this a real conlang people can decode?


No the writing is asemic, the text is open to interpretation 


I can't even with this one. Chef's kiss, thumbs up, 5-stars - can't think of enough ways to say just how awesome this is.


thank you!